#1 - Luminette sheers in a former smoker's home - before the cleaning begins:

#2 - Here, the sides and top have been cleaned:

#3 - Cleaning in progress:

#4 - Before AND After:  half done

#1 - This is a Roman shade in a motor home, water-stained:

    #2 - Roman shade with no more water stain!

A Silhouette shade during pre-vacuuming before cleaning: (the left side has been vacuumed)

Silhouette shade with severe mold & mildew:

Severe stains on a Luminette:

#1 - Silhouette shade with "spot" cleaning attempted:

#3 -The "clean spots" gone - ALL clean:

#1 - Little Fido left his "signature" on these linen drapery panels with sewn-on ribbon:

#2 - The dog-gone dog stain is gone - along with the odor!

#1 - "Smoked" metal mini blind - before cleaning:

#2 - And the "unsmoked" metal mini blind:

This is what happened when a flooring installer threw a $3000 Luminette over a lamp to get it out of the way.  Someone turned on the light and burned holes through it.  Needless to say, the profit pretty well went out of that job.

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